I have been trying everything to get my theorems to look like this:

enter image description here

The best I could do was defining


in the preamble and then adding the good old

\textit{what the theorem's about}

right after the \begin{hypo}. (Brute force, and hard to keep track of once the theorems start growing in number)

Is there a way to modify the theorem style so that something like

\begin{hypo}[what the theorem's about]

will give me the same outcome?

  • \theoremstyle{plain} (which is the default) should give you what you want. – Bernard Jul 7 '16 at 8:42
  • Well, that is not really what I want. The title in plain goes in parentheses and before the period, while i need it to be as in the picture above – giobrach Jul 8 '16 at 8:44
  • Your question was not clear to me. You wan the result to be ‘Hypomnema. What the theorem's about. Blah blah’, with the body in upshape. italic? same line, next line? – Bernard Jul 8 '16 at 9:33

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