I am using biblatex with numeric style. I would like to set it so I can have colon ":" after authors only for book and thesis. For all the rest I need a coma.

I was trying to use

\renewcommand{\labelnamepunct}{\addcolon \space} 

which I found at Colon (:) instead of period (.) after author with biblatex, alphabetic, but it sets colon for all types of documents.

Please tell me how to do it.

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I'd suggest you use

  \ifboolexpr{test {\ifentrytype{book}} or test {\ifentrytype{thesis}}}

Then you can get away without patching the drivers and it is slightly more obvious what it is you are doing.

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Ok. I've come up with an answer based on: biblatex: remove comma after last author only in book

In numeric thesis and book driver it is enough to change nametitledelim so I added:

\xpatchbibdriver{thesis}{\setunit{\printdelim{nametitledelim}}}{\setunit{\addcolon \addspace} }{}{}
\xpatchbibdriver{book}{\setunit{\printdelim{nametitledelim}}}{\setunit{\addcolon \addspace} }{}{}

To have coma for all the rest I used:


Now it works as it is supposed to :)

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    You should use {\addcomma\space} instead of {,\space}. – Alan Munn Jul 7 '16 at 21:14

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