I would like use LanguageTool in my TeXstudio distribution in order to check my grammar. I am using Mac OS X El Capitan, TeXstudio 2.11.0 and LanguageTool 3.2.

The Languagetool works as standalone or as a server. I've received following when I enter http://localhost:8081/?language=en-US&text=my+texd in the browser.

<matches software="LanguageTool" version="3.2" buildDate="2015-12-29 10:24"> <language shortname="en-US" name="English (US)"/> <error fromy="0" fromx="0" toy="0" tox="2" ruleId="UPPERCASE_SENTENCE_START" msg="This sentence does not start with an uppercase letter" replacements="My" context="my texd" contextoffset="0" offset="0" errorlength="2" category="Capitalization" locqualityissuetype="typographical"/> <error fromy="0" fromx="3" toy="0" tox="7" ruleId="MORFOLOGIK_RULE_EN_US" msg="Possible spelling mistake found" replacements="text#tend#Ted#TeX#ted#teed#Tex" context="my texd" contextoffset="3" offset="3" errorlength="4" category="Possible Typo" locqualityissuetype="misspelling"/> </matches>

However, it doesn't work in TexStudio, I don't see any underlining of text for LT example quote "this is a example". Please, see the setting in figure. Any suggestions?

enter image description here

P.S: the field 'LT arguments' is empty.

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