i was looking arround here for this style of Categorial Grammar (see picture). However, i just find another types of notation, like the Prawtiz's style derivation. I want this style (some people call it Steedman sytle). If you can help with the package I must use and doing as example this derivation, i'll appreciate it.

Getzen style


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    I think the best source for styles for this are Jason Baldridge's styles which can be found here on GitHub: github.com/jasonbaldridge/cg-latex – Alan Munn Jul 9 '16 at 2:18
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    If you find the styles useful then I would recommend making a small sample document with them and posting it and the link as an answer to your own question. This way if others come across your question it will have an accepted answer. – Alan Munn Jul 9 '16 at 2:57

This can obviously use a bit of improvement in terms of fine tuning horizontal placement, but I mainly present it to highlight some new capability of tabstackengine 2018/03/05 (V2.10) uploaded this past Monday, with \TABrules and \TABcline{}.

\catcode`!=\active \def!{\upshape}
\catcode`?=\active \def?#1{\makebox[0pt]{#1}}
!Female &        &!astronaut &  & !sets        &        & !new   &        & !record   &\\
N/N     &        & N         &  &{!(}S\tbs NP\/{!)}/NP& & N/N    &        & N         &\\
\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule\RR&  &              &        &\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule\RR&\\
        &?N      &           &  &              &        &        &?N      &           &\\
        &?{NP}   &           &  &              &        &        &?{NP}   &           &\\
        &        &           &  &\TABrule      &\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule\RR&\\
        &        &           &  &              &?{S\tbs NP}&     &        &           &\\
\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule   &\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule&\TABrule\LL&        &\\
        &        &           &?S&              &        &        &        &           &

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I wrote a draft of CCG style manual. It only covers categorial grammar derivations but it may spare some time to potential users. The PDF is here

  • Besides the manual, also a pointer to the macros would be useful. – egreg Mar 7 '18 at 13:02

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