instead of using the title "Notes" in the endnote section, I'd like to use "Endnote". Do you know how to change the title? I'm using the following package: \usepackage{endnotes}

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    \renewcommand{\notesname}{Endnotes} ..? – jon Jul 11 '16 at 2:51
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This is described on page 1 in the endnotes manual:

JK – Modification by Jörg Knappen 25. 2. 1991:

Introduced \notesname in the spirit of international LATEX. \notesname is set per default to be {Notes}, but can easily be redifined, e. g. for german language \renewcommand{\notesname}{Anmerkungen}

In other words, put this command in the preamble of your document (I suggest directly after where you load the endnotes-package):


If you are using babel, you may change the default for each language your are using, by adding the definition of \notesname to the language config-file. The following is a definition for UKenglish and Norwegian:

%% UKenglish.cfg
%% Local config file UKenglish.cfg used by babel

%% to add an entry to British English

New file

%% norsk.cfg
%% Local config file norsk.cfg used by babel

%% to add an entry to Norwegian

Add the cfg-files to your LaTeX-search path (if they not already are there) and update the file database.

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