I've written notes for my students and I want to create different versions of them: a short one, to print, and a long one, to distribute them through internet. So for the same content, and I want to compile it twice with different behaviour.

Here is a MWE of what I do:

  • the content of chapter 1 is content1.tex

This is some text.

\important{This is very important.}

\remark{This is a remark.}

  • the content of chapter 2 is content2.tex

\important{This is very very very important.}

\remark{This is a useless remark.}

This is some text

  • the file full_version.tex contains a first set of \newcommands:

\newcommand{\remark}[1]{\textit{Remark: #1}}
  • the file short_version.tex contains a second set of \newcommands:


My solution is the following: to compile the content1 with the full_version preamble, I write this command on Linux shell:

 cat full_version.tex content1.tex | latex

It works, but is not very satisfactory (many strange messages); and Linux-shell dependant.

Are there better way to achieve this? Perhaps with precompiled preambles?

  • you don't need to use cat just put \input{content} into your two top level files. – David Carlisle Jul 11 '16 at 6:55
  • Okay, but my top level files will be used for many contents, since my notes are divided in many chapters. So I need a method that can combine any top level file with any content file. – JPG Jul 11 '16 at 7:01
  • I modified the question to make it clearer. – JPG Jul 11 '16 at 7:09
  • you can compile with latex \input{full_version.tex}\input{content1.tex} – touhami Jul 11 '16 at 7:40
  • 1
    You could try with multiaudience package. This is an example: tex.stackexchange.com/a/266682/1952 – Ignasi Jul 11 '16 at 8:33

You can compile using something like:

latex -jobname="full_chapter1" "\input{full_version}\input{chapter1}"
  • Exactly what I wanted, and good hint the jobname to rename output. – JPG Jul 11 '16 at 9:54

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