Is it possible to have two different parallel footnote sequences in a latex document (article or book) ?

For example :

  • footnote sequence A : original comments made by the author, numbered with arabian numerals (the default footnotes).

  • footnote sequence B : additional comments made by a translator, a critic, etc., numbered with roman numerals, and eventually in a different font typeset.

Many thanks!

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    You can take a look at the bigfoot or manyfoot packages. – Bernard Jul 11 '16 at 13:27

The memoir class, which encompasses the book, report, and article classes has a command \newfootnoteseries{<ucletter>} to create a new footnote series called \footnote<ucletter>. In all, 26 series can be created.

\documentclass%[article]% for article style


\newfootnoteseries{B}% a new series
\renewcommand{\thefootnoteB}{\roman{footnoteB}} % Roman numerals
\renewcommand{\footttextfontB}{\itshape\footnotesize} % italic text


Text with regular footnote\footnote{Regular footnote} and some more text
with B series footnote\footnoteB{B series} and yet more text with a 
regular\footnote{Normal footnote} footnote.


At the foot of the page footnotes are printed in serial order (e.g., in the example all the regular footnotes followed by all the B footnotes).

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