Is it possible to include a section of a file?

Context: Literature Reviews for thesis, I write long(ish) notes on each paper/article/whatever, but generally have a 'bird's eye view' summary. I'd like to generate a report that just contains these summaries from each individual review file.

If there's a better way to lay this out, I would like to hear those too.

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You could simply put all all review sections in own files which are inserted using \input (not \include) in your normal document and also in the extra report. This might seem to be a little extra work, but IMHO is the most straight-forward way to do it.

You could also mark the sections in questions using special tags and then extract them as shown in Delimit a single auxiliary file into chunks, and include these at separate places?, but personally I find this overly complicated in this case where it is only one section per chapter and not multiple chunks.

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    +1 for pointing out \input to me. I think that for my purposes and plans for development, the catchfilebetweentags is worth trying for now. Will mark as answered after a customary 24hr wait. Oct 18, 2011 at 10:20

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