When passing two cite keys of the same author to the citation command in the author year-comp style of biblatex, the name is only printed once. That is:

Author 2001, Author 2011 =>  Author 2001, 2011

In addition, if the two publications also share the same year, the year is also dropped and only the “unique labels” remain.

Author 2001a, Author 2001b => Author 2001a,b

Is there a way to get the first truncation without the second one? Like this:

Author 2001a, Author 2001b => Author 2001a, 2001b

I do not particularly like that, but it is required by a publisher.

Here is a MWE


        title={Great Book},
        author={Author, Jane},
        year = {2001}
        title={Another Great Book},
        author={Author, Jane},
        year = {2001}





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This should be as easy as making biblatex "forget" about the last year with


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