I have parameter in a text file and I would like to create legend using those parameters. I have tried to read data with


and get specific parameter with


and then set macro with


and the create legend entry with

\addlegendentry{\pgfmathprintnumber[precision=5,use comma]{\parA}}

I have tried to do this with \foreach command and simply copy-pasting but neither one has succeeded.

One entry consist of multiple different elements from table.


Do you mean something like ...

% create a dummy file with some values
    0.1 0.2 0.3
    0.4 0.5 0.6
            % read the data table
            % create a loop and specify some indices that can be found
            % in the data file
            \foreach \i/\j in {
            % read the element in the data table and store it in `\param'
            % now create the plot and the corresponding legend entry
                \addplot {\param};
                    \pgfmathprintnumber[precision=5,use comma]{\param}

image showing the result of above code

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