Is there any easy way to put not-equal sign to any binary operation symbol like \triangleright etc.

For example, I want to use it for a proper normal subgroup.

If found one solution for \lhd but it is not so simple (symbol for proper ideal (\unlhd + \lneq))

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You may choose between the amssymbversion and a variant borrowed from mathabx:


\DeclareFontShape{U}{matha}{m}{n}{ <-6> matha5 <6-7> matha6 <7-8>
matha7 <8-9> matha8 <9-10> matha9 <10-12> matha10 <12-> matha12 }{}


    \[ H \nvartrianglelefteq G \qquad H \vartrianglelefteq G\]

    \[ H \ntrianglelefteq G \qquad H \trianglelefteq G \]


enter image description here


The general easy way to do this is to use \underset from the amsmath package,


however it will give you a rather bulky symbol, that you would not want to use in running text.

Sample output




  H \triangleleft G \qquad
  H \underset{\neq}{\triangleleft} G
In text we say \( H \triangleleft G \) and \( H\ne G \).


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