this is driving me nuts. When compiling my file I can only see the bibliography from the second entry on. The first one is skipped ?!?!?!?

Here's my def:

This is the definition

and in my output file I see this:

enter image description here

One is missing.

I referenced all of them in my chapter and they are printed fine in the text. Just the bibliography is wrong.

Any ideas ???

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  • Make a small, complete example that we can compile and so test the issue. Show the blg-file. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 14 '16 at 10:32
  • is there a cache or something. I tried it in a new project and it worked fine. but in my other one its failing ?? – Marc Trösken Jul 14 '16 at 10:41
  • 1
    I asked you to show the blg-File. Why don't you do it? – Ulrike Fischer Jul 14 '16 at 11:17
  • 1
    Have you run bibtex/biber again? – Andrew Swann Jul 14 '16 at 14:57
  • Any news here? Can you provide a proper MWE? What do the .blg and .log files for the problematic files say? – moewe Jul 25 '16 at 13:06

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