I am in the process of writing and compiling my Ph.D. Thesis. I have to arrange my references using bibtex and the format to be followed is the one followed by Physical Review Special Topics: Physics Education Research i.e. revtex4-1 and apsrev4-1. The problem is that if I am compiling a single file, the citations are numeric, but when I am combining the files and using the document class of report, the citations are taking the author year form. Kindly help as I need numeric citations precisely according to revtex4-1 and apsrev4-1 ... Here is the MWE. Firstly, given is the Single file named 2Basked1.tex



Now the file to be included in the compiled form is as follows: name of the file: 2Basked2.tex


ow given is the compiled form of the thesis named compiledForm.tex

\usepackage[usenames, dvipsnames]{color}
   \usepackage{array}                                                 %%
\usepackage{calc}                                             %%
\usepackage{multirow}                                         %%
\usepackage{hhline}                                           %%
\textheight=9in \textwidth=6.15in
%\textheight=220mm \textwidth=160mm
\leftmargin 25mm  \rightmargin 35mm
%\leftmargin 35mm \rightmargin 25mm
\topmargin 0mm \oddsidemargin 15mm
 \parindent 9mm \parskip 12pt



The following inclusions in compiledForm.tex, have done the job

  • but now I am getting overlapping/repeated bibliography instead of individual ones, at the end of the chapters included in compiledForm.tex – Jyoti Bhardwaj Jul 21 '16 at 14:37

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