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Hello, I'm trying to use Adobe Caslon Pro font, which I have installed on my machine. This is an Open Type Font.

In the aforementioned question (which I think is kind of outdated being it from 2012), some gudielines are provided, and then discussed, It refers to an old version of the microtype package, and of course an old Lua/XeLaTeX version.

Since I'm using TeX Live 2016, I'd like to know how I can possibly set the microtype options to obtain a good typographical solution with the packages and engine as they are today.


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The microtype package ships with configurations files for some fonts. These are located in the directory where microtype is installed (for TeXlive in the standard location on GNU/Linux this is /usr/local/texlive/2016/texmf-dist/tex/latex/microtype), but you can also obtain this directory from CTAN.

You can use one of these files to come up with your handcrafted protrusion values for Adobe Caslon. Some are quite extensive, for example mt-LatinModernRoman.cfg, because this maps out a lot of Unicode glyphs to have nice kerning around things like .

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