I am trying to use specific font files using fontspec that are not in my known path.

[Path = Fonts/Cormorant_Garamond/,
ItalicFont = CormorantGaramond-Italic,
BoldFont = CormorantGaramond-Bold,
BoldItalicFont = CormorantGaramond-BoldItalic,
SmallCapsFont = Cormorant-SmallCaps]

I have tried scouring this site for an answer to my issue but have not found anything that works. I am able to get bold and italic fonts using the above code, but not small caps. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


You should use the font family name (Cormorant Garamond), not the file name. The following example code works with the .otf version of the fonts. Note this font has small caps in regular and boldface, but not in italic and bold italic, as you see with otfinfo.

\setmainfont{Cormorant Garamond}
\defaultfontfeatures{Numbers = {OldStyle,Proportional}}

\settowidth{\versewidth}{There was a young person of Crete}

  There was a Young Person of \textsc{Crete},\\
  Whose toilette was far from complete;\\
  She dressed in a sack,\\
  Spickle-speckled with black,\\
  That ombliferous person of \textsc{Crete}.\\[2ex]
    Edward \textsc{Lear}}


enter image description here

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