I am making a report using LaTeX. It is looking fine but there is a really large space taken up by the margins. Here is the main tex file:


%%    homebrew commands -- to save typing
\newcommand\msp{\textup{\normalsize MSP430 Launchpad }}
% New colors





How may I reduce the margin to maybe half of what it is right now?


The easiest way is perhaps to use the DIV=<value> option for the document class, see table 2.1 in section 2.6 Options and Macros to Influence the Page Layout in the (English version of) the KOMA-script manual (dated 2013-12-19). You can choose integers from 6 to 16, where larger numbers give a larger type area, i.e. smaller margins.

For example


Browsing the manual, I also see that you can set the type area with


where BCOR is binding correction. Read chapter 2 Construction of the page layout with typearea of KOMA script's manual for more information.

  • Options and Macros to Influence the Page Layout can now be found in section 2.6. The German title is Einstellung des Satzspiegels und der Seitenaufteilung. – ComFreek Aug 5 '14 at 10:58
  • @ComFreek Thanks, I edited my answer slightly. – Torbjørn T. Aug 5 '14 at 11:28
  • You can choose a large number like DIV=50 as well! After that, I think it's not useful anymore... – massisenergy May 11 '19 at 10:57

You can use the geometry package to easily change the margins:

\usepackage[top=tlength, bottom=blength, left=llength, right=rlength]{geometry}



EDIT: For KOMA-Script, you should use the typearea package that is part of the bundle to change the page layout, not the geometry package. See Chapter 2 of the KOMA-Script Documentation

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