using LuaLaTeX engine (TeXLive 2015) and Microtype package (2.6a), I am trying to set the default tracking (letterspacing) for all italic fonts (actually, just one font in some size range would suffice), so that I do not have to wrap every \textit in \textls. So far no success.

I am trying to use \DeclareMicrotypeSet and \UseMicrotypeSet, however I cannot (it causes error) use thus defined set in the \SetTracking command, and when I use for this command just the general definition of italic font (encoding = *, shape = it*, size = 8-15) it only works within \textls; it does NOT work by default.

Would anyone know what am I doing wrong or what am I missing? Thanks a lot!

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  • BTW, is there anyone here who would agree with the microtype documentation that the package configuration is “straightforward”? – Marcel S. Jul 25 '16 at 20:12

Here's a minimal example featuring customised tracking for all italic fonts:

\usepackage[tracking]{microtype}         % 1. Enable tracking
\DeclareMicrotypeSet*[tracking]{italics} % 2. Declare which fonts should 
  { encoding = *, shape = it* }          %    receive tracking adjustment
\SetTracking                             % 3. Specify the tracking amount
  { encoding = *, shape = it* }          %    for the fonts
abc \textit{def} hij
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