I want to code an array on which the first row would be the first line. I used the array environment.

Here is what I get but it's not what I want (the line is centered on the second row).


Here is my code

C = \{ \,
(\bar q(0),\bar q(T)) 
\, |\, 
&\theta_i(0) = \theta_i(T)\;\; i=1,2, \\
&x(0)=0,\, x(T) = x_T \mbox{ (fixed)},\\
&q^0(0)=0\, \}.
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    Welcome to TeX SX! Write \begin{array}[t]{ll}. – Bernard Jul 25 '16 at 16:32

Some suggestions:

  • Use \mid to denote the conditioning operation

  • Suppress the intercolumn whitespace between the two columns of the array environment

  • Load the amsmath package and use \text instead of \mbox

  • Consider using slightly-enlarged curly braces and outer round parentheses, using \bigl and \bigr. If you choose to do so, you should also use \bigm| instead of \mid.

enter image description here

C = \bigl\{ \, \bigl(\bar{q}(0),\bar{q}(T)\bigr) \bigm| {}
   & \theta_i(0) = \theta_i(T), \quad i=1,2, \\
   & x(0)=0, x(T) = x_T \text{ (fixed)},\\
   & q^0(0)=0 \, \bigr\}.

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