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paragraph style - how to force line break? \paragraph{} \\ - make paragraph a header?

I have the following problem. I have a paragraph and only after this single paragraph environemnt I want to have the text following in a new line. So the original source looks like this here:

\paragraph{Some title stuff.}

bla bla bla

I tried to add \linebreak

\paragraph{Some title stuff.} \linebreak

bla bla bla

and also \\, but nothing worked, in each case I got the error message "There is no line here to end".

Anyone an idea how to sort this problem?

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  • Do \subsubsection or titlesec do what you want? – Andrey Vihrov Oct 20 '11 at 15:30
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You can always cheat the "there is no line here to end" error with empty \mbox{}es. For example:

\paragraph{Some title stuff.}\mbox{}\\
bla bla bla

For convenience you can define your own paragraph before \begin{document}


and just use your new command:

\myparagraph{Some title stuff.}
bla bla bla

You need something just after your paragraph definition before you can break the line. That something in my case is an empty \mbox{}. This is a very elementary way of doing things. It may be automated using titlesec, as @Andrey suggests.

enter image description here

\paragraph{Some title stuff.}\mbox{} \\

bla bla bla

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