I am using the command \renewbibmacro*{finentry}{} to suppress the dot at the very end of biblatex references, which seems to work. I am now trying to come up with a \fullcitebib command to print references within the main text, formatted the same as in the references. I have the following code

  author =   {David Crystal},
  title =    {An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Language and Languages},
  publisher =    {Blackwell},
  year =     {2010},
  edition =      {3},
  address =      {Oxford},
  author =   {Rachel Hermetet},
  title =    {\emph{The Criterion} et les litt\'{e}ratures
                  europ\'{e}ennes, 1922--1935},
  booktitle =    {Revues Modernistes anglo-am\'ericaines: lieux
                  d'\'{e}changes, lieux d'exil},
  publisher =    {Ent'revues},
  year =     {2006},
  editor =   {Beno\^{i}t Tadi\'{e}},
  pages =    {189-200},
  address =      {Paris},

which produces this

enter image description here

How can I get rid of the dot at the end of references created with my new command?


Instead of


go with


The problem arose because normally we have \newbibmacro*{finentry}{\finentry} and amongst other useful things, the macro \finentry prints the \finentrypunct. If you redefine the bibmacro finentry to do nothing, you don't get to see the \finentrypunct (but you are also missing a reset of some internal helpers). But in your \fullcitebib you call \finentry directly, and that still prints \finentrypunct.

The proper solution to get rid of the punctuation at the end is thus to make \finentrypunct empty with \renewcommand*{\finentrypunct}{}. See also How to remove the full stop at the end of each bibliography entry?

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