I am getting familiar with book writing in LaTeX now and I am trying to create macros (editted) for sections with different layouts, for example

  • Tips
  • Memories
  • Funny facts

Every time I use one of the layouts, I need it to automatically incorporate a template for, say, a "Tip", with maybe a different title, and when I write a "funny fact", I need it to invoke another template.

How is this achievable in LaTeX? What commands/macros do I need to use?

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    You should take a look at the titlesec package. It defines two main commands: \ titleformat` and titlespacing to cutomise the layout of chapters, sections, &c.
    – Bernard
    Aug 4 '16 at 11:17

What you are looing for are macros, commands and environments. They are not called templates in the LaTeX world.


\newenvironment{tip}{{\par\large\centering TIP \par}}{\par}
\newenvironment{funny}[1]{{\bigbreak\noindent\color{blue!20!orange}\large Fun fact: #1  \par}\noindent\ignorespaces}{\par}
\begin{memory}{The night I met her}
\begin{funny}{Wombats are cute}

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