The picture is like this: enter image description here

I hope to generate it by tikz. Thank you!

New Problem:

I'm trying to generate a more complex figure. But it has some bugs. I don't know why. The code is as follows:



    xlabel style={align=center},
    xlabel=$Expiration\ Time\ (s)$ \\(a),
    ylabel style={align=center},
    ylabel=$Reduced\ RTT\ Ratio\ (\%)$,
    xmin=10, xmax=60,
    ymin=75, ymax=95,
    legend style={nodes=right},
    legend pos= south east]
\addplot table {Fig4delay10000.txt};
\draw(0.1,0.1) node{ 
    xlabel style={align=center},
    xlabel=$Expiration\ Time\ (s)$ \\(b),
    xlabel style={align=center},
    ylabel=$Cache\ Hit\ Rate\ (\%)$,
    xmin=10, xmax=60,
    ymin=80, ymax=100,
    legend style={nodes=right},
    legend pos= south east]
\addplot table {Fig4hit10000.txt};
\caption{Effects of expiration time of cache entry in delegates \newline}
\label{figure 4}


    10  83.70616734
    20  87.78888284
    30  89.30183444
    40  90.08903274
    50  90.58099978
    60  90.92872104
    10  90.98347396
    20  95.0861077
    30  96.60898943
    40  97.3979899
    50  97.89094057   
    60  98.23992643
  • 1
    pgfplots would be preferable in this case.
    – Alenanno
    Commented Aug 6, 2016 at 9:40
  • 2
    Welcome to TeX - LaTeX! pdfplots as mentioned by Alenanno is built on top of tikz and indeed is a good starting point. Have a look at the package and try yourself. When you get stuck you can then ask a question here about the specific problem you have. Commented Aug 6, 2016 at 9:54

1 Answer 1


One way:



    \addplot[red,domain=-90:270,smooth] {cos(x)};
    \draw(2.0,1.7) node{ \begin{axis}[scale=15.0] \addplot[green,domain=-1:1,smooth]{x^2}; \end{axis}};

enter image description here

  • When I try to finish more complex figure, I have problems. Can you help me? I don't know how to publish the new problem. So I add it into the old question.
    – Sean
    Commented Aug 8, 2016 at 6:44
  • I'd help but your code is incomplete in that I can't compile it as is plus I don't have the data files.
    – JPi
    Commented Aug 8, 2016 at 11:37
  • I attached the .txt file this time. Thank you!
    – Sean
    Commented Aug 9, 2016 at 16:20
  • Hi, I attached the file, can you help me?
    – Sean
    Commented Aug 20, 2016 at 6:15

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