If I use \char in a section title, hyperref gives we either warnings or errors:

  • This breaks compilation:

    \subsection{Some thoughts about {\char`\\} {\char`\^} {\char`\$} {\char`\~} 
                {\char`\%} {\char`\&} {\char`\{} {\char`\}} {\char`\_} {\char`\#}}

    ./minimal.tex:9: Argument of \PU\^ has an extra }.
    <inserted text> 
  • This compiles, with warnings:

    \subsection{Some thoughts about {\char`\\} {\char`\$} 
                {\char`\%} {\char`\&} {\char`\{} {\char`\}} {\char`\_} {\char`\#}}

    Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF string (Unicode):
    (hyperref)                removing `\char' on input line 9.

Can I teach hyperref about \char, so as to get Some thoughts about \^&~%&{}_# in my PDF bookmarks?




\subsection{Some thoughts about {\char`\\} {\char`\^} {\char`\$} {\char`\~} {\char`\%} {\char`\&} {\char`\{} {\char`\}} {\char`\_} {\char`\#}}

I am aware of Hyperref warning - Token not allowed in a PDF string and the \texorpdfstring command, but \texorpdfstring is confused about \char as well. I am also aware of other ways to quote individual characters (\textasciitilde etc.), but I would rather avoid them, if possible: I have trouble remembering them, and parts of my document are automatically exported from other formats.

  • just don't use \char here (see your other question:-) – David Carlisle Aug 8 '16 at 20:46
  • Exactly: I asked that other qestion for this reason. But is there really no way? Some of this code is auto-generated, and I'd love to tweak things on the LaTeX thing instead of patching a compiler. – Clément Aug 8 '16 at 20:56
  • \texorpdfstring{\char`\^}{caret}? – Henri Menke Aug 9 '16 at 12:50

Use texorpdfstring to provide an alternative definition for hyperref. To have a caret showing up in the PDF bookmarks, use \^{}.

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