I would like to define a unit to render



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So far, I've been able to define a new unit

 \text{$^\circ\ 2\theta$}%

but there is a space between the numeral and the degree sign. Using the option \SI[space-before-unit=false]{5}{\degTTh} doesn't resolve the issue.

I've also tried declaring

 \text{$\ 2\theta$}%

and then using \SI[space-before-unit=false]{5}{\degree\TTh}, but this also results in a space between the numeral and degree symbol.


How can I define such a unit?

  • Quick dirty fix: place a \! (it's a negative space in math mode) in your 1st definition ==> \text{$\!^\circ\ 2\theta$}%
    – alwaysask
    Aug 9, 2016 at 6:49

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When creating a new unit with siunitx, you can override any key-value pair option by supplying it in the <options> field in


The symbol between the number and the unit is set with number-unit-product. In your case, you want to have no symbol between number and unit, i.e. {}. The definition of your unit then becomes


Additionally, I replaced the ^\circ with the symbol \SIUnitSymbolDegree, which is defined by siunitx. Finally, I replaced the $ ... $ with \ensuremath, as suggested in the package documentation.


\setlength{\parindent}{0pt}    % only to make all examples aligned.

\DeclareSIUnit{\degTThold}{\text{$^\circ\ 2\theta$}}


\SI{5}{\degTThold} \\
\SI{5}{\degTTh} \\
$x = \SI{5}{\degTThold}$ \\
$x = \SI{5}{\degTTh}$


resulting output

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