When using the following code I get unsightly spaces (following the opening parentheses, after the = and between the x' and y'):

[$](\quad \overline{x+y})=\quad \overline{x}\quad \overline{y}[/$]

Bad spacing

What am I doing wrong?

If it helps, I am using Anki with its default header and footer settings:



Also, please forgive me if I am unclear or have duplicated a question; I am new to TeX and unfamiliar with the terminology.

  • That did the trick. I assumed that it was a requisite prefix to \overline. Cheers! – somehume Oct 23 '11 at 6:28
  • In the previous example, this was included merely to separate the difference instances of negation. – Werner Oct 23 '11 at 6:46
  • That made sense to me as soon as I read your comment to remove them, thank you! – somehume Oct 23 '11 at 6:49

LaTeX provides a number of ways to print skips (blanks, or whitespace):

\def\thinspace{\kern .16667em }
\def\negthinspace{\kern-.16667em }
\def\enspace{\kern.5em }

The above are in addition to using \hspace{<len>} that you can use to print whitespace of length <len>. In your specific example, \quad skips "forward" by exactly 1em, which leaves the blank spaces you witness. Removing them leaves the correct typesetting:

enter image description here


With the introduction of some of these spaces, you can also improve the presentation by inserting (say) a \thinspace between the x and y:

enter image description here


For completeness, here's a table from Herbert Voss' mathmode document that illustrates some of the well-known spacing techniques/commands (Section 11.2 Additional horizontal spacing, Table 7, p 29):

enter image description here

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