Well here's my problem, inserting two logos in top right and top left corner of title page. Here's the code that I've tried:

\raggedright{\includegraphics[width = 40mm]{logoInsa.png}\\[8ex]}
\raggedleft{\includegraphics[width = 40mm]{logoInsa.png}\\[8ex]}

The problem here is that it adds the first logo in the top left corner, but the second logo is added on the right, on the next line. How can I put it on the same line? I've tried many things and I saw "beamer" on forums, but I don't know what's that and couldn't understand. Do you know some easy way to do it? Here's what happens when I run the code: enter image description here


\raggedright and \raggedleft do not take arguments so never use as \raggedright{...} but here you do not want them at all just

\includegraphics[width = 40mm]{logoInsa.png}%
\includegraphics[width = 40mm]{logoInsa.png}


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