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I am using the standard graphics package and I usually keep my figures in the current working directory. However, now I have to keep them in a separate folder.

Thus I included \graphicspath{{figures/}} before \begin{document} and I include the graphics as \includegraphics[width=0.95\textwidth]{figures/pic.jpg}.

However, the figure appears in a very large size. If I use \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{figures/pic.jpg} it appears to be able to control it but I have more than 200 figures and many of them are sub-figures which I need to control with \textwidth. It will be impossible for me to play around with the scale of each figure. I have never had an issue like this when the figures are in the same folder. Does someone know why using \textwidth for controlling the width of figures in a subfolder does not work?

Thank you!

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I resolved this: Look at Cannot determine size of graphic.

The main issue is that when building LaTeX -> DVI -> PDF, DVI does not read any PNG, JPG and PDF figures. If I use LaTeX -> PDF it works perfectly.

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