I use biblatex and biber to include a bibliography based on a .bib-file. I print the title in the bibliography based on the biblatex-instruction \printfield{title}. Unfortunatley, the title shows up incorrectly sometimes. A few examples: - title = {ECU firmware} in the .bib-file results in ECU rmware - title = {Nice temperature of 25°C} results in Nice temperature of 25C

In the biblatex-documentation I found:


This command prints a hfieldi using the formatting directive hformati , as defined with \DeclareFieldFormat . ...

So ist the formatting directive for the title field the problem? Can I change it in order to get the expected result?

Here is MWE:



  title   = {ECU firmware},
  author  = {author1},





results in:

enter image description here

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Looking into the error messages in the log files, one can find there

! Package inputenc Error: Unicode char fi (U+FB01) (inputenc) not set up for use with LaTeX.

this pretty much already tells the solution. There seems to be a character, which is not suitable as input for the bibliography, more precisely the glyph which represents a ligature of f and i. To solve this simply delete the symbol and retype f and i as individual letters.

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