I'm using the memoir class and I want to reduce the size of margin but only for 6 pages of my documents (6 pages of figures, which need a lot of horizontal space). I tried with changepage package and with \newgeometry command (geometry package) but that always reduce the size of the margins of all my document.

Thanks for help !


An example of code :




\input{results.tex} % .tex file wich contains the code to compile figures

Bla bla bla.


And the results.tex file is a succession of figures (code below):

  • I'm afraid I cannot reproduce what you claim. If I substitute \lipsum* (from lipsum.sty) for \input{results.tex}, which no one else has, \restoregeometry works as expected. – jon Aug 15 '16 at 1:44
  • Thanks for reply @jon ! results.tex is a succession of figure (cf. code in previous comment). – SLM Aug 15 '16 at 7:00

The first thing to note is that TeX typesets per paragraph; that means that page settings cannot be changed mid-paragraph. However, thanks to Donald Arseneau, there is a generic method of changing page settings between paragraphs --- the commands \onecolumn and \twocolumn force TeX to recalculate the settings. For example (after correcting any of my typos):

\twocolumn  \addtolength{\textwidth}{1in} \onecolumn
\lipsum[2]% set in a wider \textwidth
\twocolumn  \addtolength{\textwidth}{-1in} \onecolumn
\lisum[[2]% back to the original \textwidth

No packages are required. Replace or add to the \addtolength{\textwidth}{...} macros to suit your purposes.

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