Important old books frequently come out in different, competing editions with different editors. Is there no way to make both author and editor explicit in bibtex?

For instance, the following book


shows both author and editor on the title page:

George Eliot


Edited with an Introduction and Notes by

Rosemary Ashton.

The following bibtex entry lists George Eliot and Rosemary Ashton as co-authors, which is not accurate. Also, it would not make sense for this to be an @incollection.

   author = {
           Eliot, George
                   Ashton, Rosemary
   , title = {
   , publisher = {
   , address =  {
   , year = {
   , isbn = {
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    Welcome to TeX SX! biblatex defines these fields: annotator, commentator, introduction, foreword, afterword. Maybe you can consider using it? – Bernard Aug 16 '16 at 13:32

I suggest to use the note field. All BiBTeX styles I know of include this field in the output. If test.bib consists of the entry

   author    = {Eliot, George},
   note      = {Edited by Rosemary Ashton},
   title     = {Middlemarch},
   publisher = {Penguin},
   address   = {London},
   year      = {1994},
   isbn      = {978-0-141-43954-9}

then the document


results (via latex-bibtex-latex-latex) in the output

enter image description here

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