I am trying to break a long bibliography in beamer using the [\allow framebreaks] option. I am using the beamerthemelumc. It is splitting the bibliography, but there are odd parentheses from the second frame of the bibliography. How to remove them? Below is my codes.



            \bibitem{a} \textbf{a}
            \bibitem{b} \textbf{b}
            \bibitem{c} \textbf{c}
            \bibitem{d} \textbf{d}
            \bibitem{e} \textbf{e}
            \bibitem{f} \textbf{f}
            \bibitem{g} \textbf{g}
            \bibitem{h} \textbf{h}
            \bibitem{i} \textbf{i}
            \bibitem{j} \textbf{j}
            \bibitem{k} \textbf{k}

The result is something like this. See the second frame.

enter image description here


My personal opinion: That's really a terrible written theme! Do you have to use it?

However your problem is solvable. Replace the following lines in the .sty file

% Put a frame title on the slide.


by the beamer way of controlling things:


I ignored the \bigskip for now, because I could not see a difference without it. But in case the spacing will be wrong somewhere, one could simply add it to the frametitle template. Please have a look, if you some difference somewhere.

enter image description here

  • I see that your frametitle is on the top of the blue band, but even with the original code that include the \bigskip I don't get this result. [Tried with pdflatex from Texlive 2016] – user36296 Aug 18 '16 at 8:26
  • Thanks you very much. Will try to write a better beamer theme on my own in future. – D Borgohain Aug 18 '16 at 8:57

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