I created a BibTex database for the references for my document. The abc.bib which resides in the same directory as .tex file resides.

     author  = {Chris H. Q. Ding and Xiaofeng He and Hangyuan Zha},
     title   = {A spectral method to separate disconnected and nearly-disconnected web graph componenets},
     booktitle = {KDD},
     year    = 2001

and i have embedded following code in the .tex file.


I am using kile to compile and run the command Build->quickBuild and i get the following error. Moreover i don't get any citation in my report. Instead i see inverted ?.What can be the reason for it?


One thing i forget to mentioned here is , i am getting following error message:

 [BibTex]thesis.aur => thesis.bbl(bibtex)
 [BibTex] finished with exit code 2

and the package inclusion is :

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    Did you run latex again after compiling the bibliography? You need to run latex twice to get the references correctly. The general idea is: latex -> bibtex -> latex. Also, I try your example; if you fix the typo "plain" instead of "plane" it works.
    – adn
    Oct 24, 2011 at 12:12
  • Please provide a full compilable MWE that illustrates the problem including the \documentclass so that those trying to help don't have to recreate it. Oct 24, 2011 at 17:17

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I think you have a typo. It should be \bibliographystyle{plain} not plane.

  • ya that was the typo.Thanks for pointing it, I tested it after correcting even i am getting the same problem.
    – thetna
    Oct 23, 2011 at 17:37

I haven't used Kile, but you should make sure that the Quickbuild you are executing includes running the command bibtex as well. See for help:


Make sure you run the latex command, then the bibtex and the a couple more times the latex again.

One last thing that I noticed, but I'm not sure if this is mandatory to change, is the year 2001 in your .bib file should be within curly brackets {}.

  • There are several options on what Kile's QuickBuild will do. The default one is set to "PDFLaTeX+ViewPDF". Oct 9, 2012 at 22:02

I use Kile, and I also has this error reported all the time. But my references can get into the PDF correctly all the time regardless of this error. What I do is whenever I want to embed a new reference, I will run: PDFLaTeX --> BibTeX --> PDFLaTeX.

Hope it helps.


If you had more than this entry: Check your citations in file abc.bib for any missing deliminators , or a }. To run bibtex in the console might give you some more hints.

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