In defined a document with a conditional background, this should place ornaments only in \mainmatter pages and exclude the title page. These are the lines with the relevant code:


\usetikzlibrary{backgrounds, calc}



    \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay, color=LimeGreen]%
            \node[anchor=north west](CNW) at (current page.north west){\pgfornament[width=2cm]{61}};%
            \node[anchor=north east](CNE) at (current page.north east){\pgfornament[width=2cm,symmetry=v]{61}};%
            \node[anchor=south west](CSW) at (current page.south west){\pgfornament[width=2cm,symmetry=h]{61}};%
            \node[anchor=south east](CSE) at (current page.south east){\pgfornament[width=2cm,symmetry=c]{61}};%

    \includegraphics[width = 30mm]{logo.png}%


            \includegraphics[width = 60mm]{logo_red.png}%

    \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]{%
        \transparent{0.95}\node [rectangle, rounded corners, fill=LimeGreen, anchor=south west, minimum width=6cm, minimum height=8cm] (box) at (-0.5,-10) (box){};}%
        \node[anchor=west, xshift=-2.0cm, yshift=-1cm, text width=4cm] at (box.north){\large \textit{\theeditor}};%
        \node[anchor=west, xshift=-2.0cm, yshift=-3.5cm, text width=4cm] at (box.north){\huge \thetitle};%
        \node[anchor=west, xshift=-2.0cm, yshift=-6cm, text width=4cm] at (box.north){\large \theauthor};%

            \eachpageornament \thepage%
        \ifnum\value {page}=1%
            \eachpageornament \thepage%
    position=current page.north east,




This's working even if the condition is somewhat redundant (in my opition).

Now I need to add a back cover page with editor logo (but also a blank page is fine) but without ornaments ... I tought to do so modifying the conditional background but as long as I can see I'm not able to do so. I tried to modify the condition in several ways but all I got are compilation errors. This's the document structure:















How can I fix this? I need a condition to exclude ornaments from the back cover page and I nedd this page to be an even page so it can be the last page on a booklet.

  • I noticed that option openright interferes forcing the back cover page to open in the right and thus forcing latex to place extra page(s) to force it to be in a odd page that obviously lead it to be NOT in the back cover.
    – weirdgyn
    Aug 22, 2016 at 12:39

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the placement in the even page can be achieved with this code:

\clearpage \ifodd\value{page}\hbox{}\newpage\fi

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