Can I expand \ifcase to two levels:

\ifcase{1.1} = a            
\ifcase{1.2} = b 
\ifcase{1.3} = c 
\ifcase{2.1} = a
\ifcase{2.2} = b
\ifcase{3.1} = a
\ifcase{3.2} = b
\ifcase{3.3} = c

Naming should follow the second argument as in above.


Interpretation: Stripping second part of the number and convert it to a letter




\newcommand*{\test}[1]{#1 = \SecondAsAlph{#1}\par}



Interpretation: Second part of the (sub)section number is a letter




Interpretation: \ifcase skips the first part of the number

\newcommand*{\MyCaseMacro}[1]{% #1 is the number of the form <x>.<y>
  \ifcase\StripToDot#1 %
    % case <x>.0
    % case <x>.1
    % case <x>.2
    % case <x>.3
    % case <x>.<y> with <y> equal to or greater than 4 (or negative)

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