I have Kubuntu 16.04 installed and would like to configure it so that when I do a QUICKBUILD okular will automatically open up and show the new pdf. This worked fine on Kubuntu 14.04, but ever since I upgraded, I have to open the pdf manually. (so I open my file manager, find the correct folder, then click the pdf)

my configuration: from SETTINGS menu, then Configure Kile dialog, then Tools>Build>Quickbuild Kile shows that quickbuild runs the following tool functions: PDFLaTeX,ViewPDF

The pdf gets generated correctly. Apparently the ViewPDF isn't popping open the pdf with Okular (or anything else) though.

So, I looked at the ViewPDF function to see what it's doing... according to the Configuration Dialog it's doing these two things, [1st]ViewPDF command: okular [2nd]ViewPDF options: '%target'

My only ideas are that maybe it's not finding the target file, or maybe it's not finding okular, or maybe it's not even running the commands I'm seeing listed. Any ideas?

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    What happens if you choose ViewPDF manually from the menu rather than opening the PDF yourself? That will tell you more about where the problem is. Also, you can look in ~/.xsession-errors in case there is some meaningful information there. (Look right after triggering the problem, though, as KDE simply spews stuff to this file all the time.) – cfr Aug 25 '16 at 20:54
  • ViewPDF does pop open the pdf file, not freshly generated though. (But now that's simple enough to just pick one button, then the other) Here's some extra, I thought it was peculiar that under Kile's LOG AND MESSAGES, it second message line is [PDFLaTeX] finished with exit code 1 but it's actually just getting started. The last message is [PDFLaTeX] 0 errors, 6 warnings, 52 badboxes the log file is a full 60K. This is a BOOK document. j – user12711 Aug 25 '16 at 21:12
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    Please test with a minimal document - a 'hello, world!' in LaTeX - to check whether the problem is specific to something about your document. If pdfLaTeX finishes with exit code 1, it doesn't keep going, so it is hard to make sense of what you're reporting. Presumably, these are from different compilations as the messages there can sometimes accumulate across runs. – cfr Aug 25 '16 at 21:25
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    It is definitely a problem with your document rather than with Kile's configuration. You need to make a minimal example - either to find the problem yourself or to post here for help, if you can't figure it out. It is never safe to ignore compilation errors even if the resulting PDF looks OK. – cfr Aug 25 '16 at 23:54
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    No. That pausing with ? is not normal. Unless your code has explicitly requested TeX to pause, it will only do this - as far as I know - if there's a compilation error. The console output will tell you why it is pausing. If you press h it will try to give you help. If it isn't really an error, it will tell you that, too! – cfr Aug 26 '16 at 2:27

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