I was looking a way to insert vertical line in a table only in some particular case.
The code and the image below show what I could be able to produce.
But I do not want that the vertical bars near the numbers. I would like that they were in the expected position: like the one near number 10, should be in the middle between 13 and 10.

I hope I made clear my intention.

    \begin{tabular}{ c c c c c c }
        \vline 9 & 0 & 13 & \vline 10 & 6 & 11 \vline \\
        \vline 0 & \vline 15 & 20 & 21 & \vline 22 & 25 \vline \\

Resulting table


The standard way would be not to use vline but rather


to use a c| column for that cell.

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