I am using AucTeX to write LaTeX and I have fontification enabled. The highlighting of marcos works but while macros like \begin are highlighted using font-lock-keyword-face all math macros (\sum, \leq to mention a few) are highlighed using font-lock-sedate-face that is reserved for ``unknown'' macros.

On the other hand AucTeX clearly has some knowledge of all these marcos since Tex-insert-macro lists many of them among possible completions. Math macros are also defined in LaTeX-math-default in latex.el.

It seems that font-latex.el does not use this information. Is there a ``best practice'' to make font-latex learn all these keywords and fontify them appropriately?

  • Math should be fontified with font-latex-math-face, inline and display. Are you sure you haven't some customization somewhere which tweaks this? – Arash Esbati Aug 27 '16 at 12:18
  • I was referring to fontifying macros in math mode, not the general math. E.g. consider $a \leq b$. a,b should be fontified using font-latex-math-face. What about \leq? it is a macro and should be detected and fontified as such. – Gennady Uraltsev Aug 28 '16 at 17:25

AUCTeX has built-in facilities for custom fontification. Check the documentation, section User-defined keyword classes. You have to set the variable font-latex-user-keyword-classes. I did this in my .emacs:

(setq font-latex-user-keyword-classes
      '(("mathcmds"  (("frac" "{{"))  bold-italic              command)
        ("mathnoarg" ("leq")          font-lock-warning-face   noarg)))

to get this:

enter image description here

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