I'm using pstricks to plot the time from some experiments, I have the data in .dat

\psset{xAxisLabel=\small{Number of Nodes},yAxisLabel=\small{CPU Time}, xAxisLabelPos={c,-25}, yAxisLabelPos={-30,c},mathLabel=false, xlabelsep=-5pt, xLabels={,\tiny{$100$},\tiny{$200$},\tiny{$300$},\tiny{$400$},\tiny{$500$},\tiny{$600$},\tiny{$700$},\tiny{$800$},\tiny{$900$},\tiny{$1000$}},labelFontSize=\scriptsize}
\pslegend[lt]{\blue\rule[1ex]{0.5em}{1pt} & \tiny{$(P1_k)$ 1} \\
\red\rule[1ex]{0.5em}{1pt} & \tiny{$(P1_k)$ 2}\\
 \green\rule[1ex]{0.5em}{1pt} & \tiny{$(P1_k)$ 3}}
\caption{Average Solve Time}

and the packages:


But i get in my pdf "D 1 3 D 2 4.0 D ...", where the numbers are the data un a row and the "D" i don't know where they come from. And the graph don't show the data. I don't want to change the call of xelatex because i have to send to someone the tex and it has to run in his computer.

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Do not use such macro names:


Use only letters, for example:


and then also for \listplot

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