I want to create a tabular in LaTeX that has following layout:

|-1cm-|-remaining size / 3-|-remaining size / 3-|-remaining size / 3-|

The first column has to be small (like 1 cm). The other three columns should all have the same size. I don't want to hard-code the width of these columns. The width shall be automatically adapted based on the width of the whole table.

I haven't found a solution so far. I think it could work by defining a custom column type with the array package but I could not find enough documentation.

Can anyone tell me how to do this and also provide a link or a short explanation?


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Depending on the width of the table, tabularx is your friend here, using X columntype.

The first column can be done with p{1cm} for example, if left alignment in cells is required.

The X columntype will distribute the remaining space equally

I left the vertical lines for demonstration only.




Foo & Foobar & Foobar & Foobar \tabularnewline


Please note that due to the \tabcolsep width, there is an extra spacing of 2\tabcolsep for each column, if not specified otherwise!

If this is not wanted, use @{}p{1cm}@{} instead of p{1cm}, for example!

enter image description here

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