I have a BibTeX library exported from EndNote. I'm writing a thesis and, in order to have bibliographies for each chapter, I'm trying to switch to BibLaTeX. My .tex file, which compiles perfectly fine when using BibTeX, gives the following error message when I try to compile it using biber:

ERROR - BibTeX subsystem: C:\Users\esukeo\AppData\Local\Temp\wQX37mGMgn\endref.bib_5600.utf8, line 2, syntax error: found "=", expected ","

As I see it (I'm still fairly inexperienced), the .bib file which works fine in BibTeX is formatted so it is incompatible with the BibLaTeX compiler. An example entry from the .bib file:

   author = {Ashley, T. and Buckle, L. and Datta, S. and Emeny, M. T. and Hayes, D. G. and Hilton, K. P. and Jefferies, R. and Martin, T. and Phillips, T. and WaIiis, D. J. and Wilding, P. J. and Chan, R.},
   title = {Heterogeneous InSb quantum well transistors on silicon for ultra-high speed, low power logic applications},
   journal = {Electronics Letters},
   volume = {43},
   number = {14},
   pages = {777-779},
   year = {2007},
   abstract = {<removed>},
   ISSN = {0013-5194},
   DOI = {10.1049/el:20071335},
   type = {Journal Article}

Is there a solution in the BibLaTeX build process? If not, can I have chapter bibliographies using BibTeX? Manually editing the .bib file is not an option, as there are hundreds of entries.

I am using TeXstudio, reinstalled today when this problem started, so it and MiKTeX are up to date. TeXstudio has been configured to compile using biber

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    You probably have an "=" in one of your keys. biblatex doesn't like this. e.g. @article{Ash=07, would give this error. – Ulrike Fischer Sep 1 '16 at 14:19
  • The top entry in the .bib is as follows: @article{ author = {Adibi, Ali and Lin, Shawn-Yu and Scherer, Axel and Peters, David W. and Davids, Paul S. and Kim, Jin K. and Leonhardt, Darin and Beechem, Thomas E. and Howell, Stephen W. and Ohta, Taisuke and Wendt, Joel R. and Montoya, John A.}, title = {Application of plasmonic subwavelength structuring to enhance infrared detection}, volume = {8994}, pages = {899419}, year = {2014}, ISSN = {0277786X}, DOI = {10.1117/12.2040727}, type = {Journal Article} } Continued... – OVavasour Sep 1 '16 at 14:20
  • As the .bib is exported from EndNote, most entries don't have a label and cut straight to 'author'. I'd presumed this would be an acceptable way to start an entry but apparently it isn't – OVavasour Sep 1 '16 at 14:23
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    No, you need a key/label, without it you can't cite the entry. – Ulrike Fischer Sep 1 '16 at 14:42
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    If endnote exports .bib files without keys then its export feature is broken. Period. It is broken for BibTeX as well as Biblatex/Biber. (Maybe BibTeX tolerates it, but it is broken nonetheless.) All of the (free) online services I've used providing .bib export get at least this right, whatever else they screw up. – cfr Sep 1 '16 at 21:45

Thank you for your help everyone. The .tex file compiled after I went back to the .bib file, removed the unlabeled entries and tidied all the remaining entries so they fit LaTeX syntax. The problem is in the .bib file and the export from EndNote to .bib - BibTeX tolerated EndNote's perculiar formatting but Biber does not.

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