I'm using the package siunitx for unit-typesetting. In particular I wanted this expression:


unfortunately I get many errors like:

siunitx error: version-1-option
version 1 option 'per' detected

Similarly for fraction

Without the option part it works:


I'm thinking that is because I'm not using latin but utf8 (inputenc) encoding, but not sure?! Any advice?

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The names of options in siunitx changed a lot between versions 1 and 2, and you are using the names from version 1, while you have version 2 installed. In version 2.x of siunitx you should use per-mode=fraction, not per=frac. Similarly you should use fraction-function=\sfrac instead of fraction=nice. \usepackage{xfrac} is also required.

(Addendum: clemens points out in a comment below that the nice option may have been referring to the nicefrac package and its \nicefrac macro. The output is similar, if you prefer nicefrac, use \usepackage{nicefrac} instead of loading xfrac, and use fraction-function=\nicefrac.)

The manual can be found at for example: http://texdoc.net/texmf-dist/doc/latex/siunitx/siunitx.pdf




enter image description here


You can load the v1 options with




or could supply a v1 option at load time so the file works with both v1 and v2, for example

\usepackage[per = frac]{siunitx}



However, I would strongly recommend using the v2 options as detailed by Torbjørn T.: there are good reasons for the option name changes.

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