I need to draw a line from the end of a sentence in a question to the right margin. In exam class, I can do this with \hrulefill if I don't use \droppoints, but as soon as I do, the line is no longer to the right margin.

First question works without \droppoints, second question cuts line short.

    This is a question to answer here:\hrulefill

    This is another question:\hrulefill \droppoints

enter image description here

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The reason for this is because \droppoints also inserts a rubber length - \hfill - to stretch to the right side of the page. The length is shared between the two components, \hfill and \hrulefill.

You can either force a new paragraph and then jump back to insert the \droppoints, or create a new macro (say) \droppointshere that doesn't insert the \hfill:

enter image description here


  % \leavevmode\unskip\nobreak\hfill% <----- removed
  \rlap{\hskip\rightmargin  % Defined by the list environment
        \hskip\@rightmargin % Defined by exam.cls
  }% rlap


    This is a question to answer here: \hrulefill

    This is another question: \hrulefill \droppoints

    This is another question: \hrulefill \par

    This is a final question: \hrulefill \droppointshere


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