I want to create letter head like this. How to do this?

enter image description here

  • You could remove all the text with an image manipulation program and then set the picture as the page background. – Henri Menke Sep 5 '16 at 7:15

As commented, I removed the text from the image template using GIMP. You find the updated image at this link. Save it as bg.png in the directory of your document.

Then I took an example from the scrlttr2 documentation and put the background image using eso-pic.

\setkomavar{fromname}{John Public}
  Valley 2\\
  54321 Public-Village
    Joana Public\\
    Hillside 1\\
    12345 Public-City
  \opening{Dear chairman,}
  the last general meeting was about one year ago.
  I want to remind you, that the constitution of our
  club advises you to make a general meeting every
  six month. Because of this I expect the executive
  board to detain such a meeting immediately.
  \closing{Expecting an invitation}
  \ps PS: I hope you accept this as an friendly
  demand note.
  \encl{Compendium of the constitution with the
    general meeting paragraphs.}
  \cc{executive board\\all members}


enter image description here

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