It's not really a shortcut edit as I know how to do so.

On TexStudio, when I type for example \begin{figure} and select one of the options in popup toolbar, it gives me \label{} and \end{figure} and so on. But I want to edit what I can get out of this when I enter one of the options in popup toolbar.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Cheers, P

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Not sure what you really want:

Simpy add addtional tex directives to the completer

This is achieved using cwl files. See FAQ: What are cwl files good for and how do they work?.

Generate arbitrary pieces of code by completion

Use Macros -> User Macros with Abbreviation.

enter image description here

The Abbreviation will show up in the completer with the addition "(Usertag)" to distinguish it from regular commands.

enter image description here

You can also use abbreviations without leading backslash. In that case, the completer will not open automatically. You'll have to manually start it by Ctrl+Space (Cmd+Space on OSX).

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