I want to write this type of code.:

const uint8_t channelMap [][3]  = {{vplus_0 ,GND_0,vminus_0},
                                    {vplus_1 ,GND_1,vminus_1},
                                    {vplus_2 ,GND_2,vminus_2},

so the horizontal spacing i have tried some tricks but it isn't working. Please help how can I give this much spacing .

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    \begin{verbatim}......\end{verbatim} ? – David Carlisle Sep 7 '16 at 10:15

Using '\verb|text|' inside tabular environment might be what your'e looking for.

        \verb|const uint8_t channelMap [][3]| & = & \verb|{{vplus_0 ,GND_0,vminus_0},| \\
                                              &   & \verb| {vplus_1 ,GND_1,vminus_1},| \\
                                              &   & \verb| {vplus_2 ,GND_2,vminus_2},| \\


Verb inside tabular environment

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  • No problem, if this is the solution you were looking for you can accept it as answer and/or upvote it. – Bjartmar Sep 7 '16 at 11:33

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