In MS Word and PowerPoint you have a set of these bold faced numbers written like

enter image description here

More specifically enter image description here

Does anyone know if you can generate these using LaTeX? It does not seem to be the output of either mathbf, mathfrak, mathscr



The right command in LaTeX is \mathbb, but the default fonts only have blackboard bold letter, not blackboard bold numbers.

The easiest solution is to use a Opentype Math font that has blackboard bold numbers; but this requires XeTeX or LuaTeX engine. For example, in ConTeXt you can use Cambria Math font as follows:


$\Bbb 1234567890$

enter image description here

In LaTeX, I believe that one can use fontspec package to load opentype fonts.

If you just need boldface 1, you can use dsfont package:



enter image description here

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