I'm new to LaTeX and was wondering how I can make my margins 2cm?

Please note that my document needs to print double sided so I don't want to mess with the procedure LaTeX uses to enable that.

Any help would be massively appreciated!

  • in preamble of your document add \usepackage[margin=2cm]{geometry} – Zarko Sep 10 '16 at 22:05
  • \usepackage[margin=2cm]{geometry} – user31729 Sep 10 '16 at 22:05
  • Great minds think together! – Bernard Sep 10 '16 at 22:09
  • Thanks @Zarko and Christian, I've just tried it out and it looks like it's overrided the twoside document class I was using. Is this what should happen? – user5508297 Sep 10 '16 at 22:09
  • @user5508297: Well, if it should be really twosided, the margins can't be same then, in my point of view. Are you using the twosided class option at all? – user31729 Sep 10 '16 at 22:11

For a twoside argument use the inner= and outer=... options instead of lmargin and rmargin.

I've exaggerated the values here to show the effect -- the showframe option is just for demonstration only.



\usepackage[tmargin=2cm, bmargin=2cm,inner=2.1cm,outer=4cm,showframe]{geometry}


enter image description here

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  • Thanks for your answer. Will this also work for the report doc class? – user5508297 Sep 10 '16 at 22:22
  • @user5508297: Yes, geometry is very sophisticated. – user31729 Sep 10 '16 at 22:25
  • Excellent. By the way, what is \blindtext[20] doing? – user5508297 Sep 10 '16 at 22:28
  • @user5508297: \blindtext is used to fill up the document with not really important text (just for generating pages), \blindtext[20] repeats the text 20 times. – user31729 Sep 11 '16 at 5:10

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