I am trying to use code provided here to format references to newspaper articles, in a larger project aiming to follow MHRA style. The code makes use of a new entrysubtype 'newspaper', based on article. I need a colon before page ranges for articles, but a comma and p./pp. if it's from a newspaper or other source e.g. a chapter in an edited volume. How can I do that? Currently, the code below produces a colon for regular articles and newspapers. I have a feeling that it could be achieved by modifying the \renewcommand*{\bibpagespunct} section, but I can't seem to manage it.

  \ifboolexpr{test {\ifentrytype{article}} or test {\ifentrytype{periodical}}}
% for newspapers



  author  = {Jonathan Friedland},
  title   = {Across the Divide},
  journal = {Guardian}, 
  pages   = {10-11},
  date    = {2002-01-15},
  chapter = {section G2}, 
  entrysubtype = {newspaper},
  author =   {Hugh Grady},
  title =    {Falstaff: Subjectivity between the Carnival and the Aesthetic},
  journal =      {MLR},
  year =     {2001},
  volume =   {96},
  number =   {3},
  pages =    {609-623},
  author =   {Rachel Hermetet},
  title =    {\emph{The Criterion} et les litt\'{e}ratures
                  europ\'{e}ennes, 1922--1935},
  booktitle =    {Revues modernistes anglo-am\'ericaines: lieux
                  d'\'{e}changes, lieux d'exil},
  publisher =    {Ent'revues},
  year =     2006,
  editor =   {Beno\^{i}t Tadi\'{e}},
  pages =    {189-200},
  address =      {Paris},


This is the current output. enter image description here

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We can use \iffieldequalstr{entrysubtype}{newspaper} to test for newspaper subtypes.


  \ifboolexpr{(test {\ifentrytype{article}} or test {\ifentrytype{periodical}})
              and not test {\iffieldequalstr{entrysubtype}{newspaper}}}

Starting with biblatex 3.5 you will want to use \mkdayzeros/\mkmonthzeros/\mkyearzeros instead of \mkdatezeros, so newspaper:issue+date should be

  • Brilliant: thanks. At least I was on the right track, though not very far along it... Thanks for the biblatex tip. Sep 13, 2016 at 8:57

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