When I run this it show date with day like:

Monday 19th September, 2016.

But I do not want appear the Monday. Anybody can help?

  • \showdowfalse in preamble to enable it in your whole document, or {\showdowfalse\displaydate{date}} for just the one time.
    – Runar
    Sep 14, 2016 at 14:52
  • "{\showdowfalse\displaydate{date}}" it works fine. Thank you Sep 14, 2016 at 15:34

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You'll achieve this by using nodayofweek argument for you date presentation:



enter image description here


Consider migrating from the now-obsolete datetime to datetime2:

enter image description here







The key here is to remove the day of the week from the formatting via showdow=false.

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