I wish to add a symbol from MS Symbol to my document. Specifically, I need to add the


character and only that to my document below.







\title{Real and Complex Analysis}
\author{Michael Dykes and Croix Snapp}


\begin{them}[Arithmetic of Natural Numbers]
There are operations \textbf{addition} $\plus$,   \textbf{multiplication} $\cdot$ and a partial order $\leq$ on $\bn$ which are uniquely determined by the following conditions:
    \item Addition is associative, commutative, and has the identity element $0$.
    \item Multiplication is associative, commutative, and has $1 \eqdef \sigma(0)$ as its identiy element.
    \item The distributive law holds:
    (\ell + m) \cdot n = \ell \cdot n + m \cdot n, \q \q \ell,m,n \in bn.


When I compile I get an error of course. I don't know how to import just that one symbol into my document without changing all my other symbols. Please help.

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